Museum History
The Museum and Collection were started as early as 1991 by Richard and Ethel Seiverling, with 5 Classic cars and one pedal car, and in
the next 15 years the collection has changed to 3 Classic cars and as high as 162 pedal cars from all over the world.  As the collection
grew, so did the teddy bear "drivers", thanks to his wife Ethel.  Richard personally showed the collection to thousands of people over
the years, from small two to five people groups to full charter bus tours.  Richard passed away in late 2006 and he is deeply missed by
family and friends alike.  In early 2006 the Museum went Online with this website and in 2008 the Museum was renamed to Seiverling
Museum, LLC Car and Pedal Car Museum.  With the changing of the Museum name the Seiverling Family is ready to start a new
chapter in the legacy of this unique Museum.  

In 2012 the HVAC unit was upgraded and the landscaping around the outside of the Museum was changed in preparation of having
selected "Opened to the Public" dates.

In 2013 we became a member of the National Association of Automobile Museums and have committed to being open to the public on
scheduled days, (mostly one Sunday a month from March to November), from 1 to 5 in the afternoon without a reservation.  Please
check our
Facebook Page for exact dates.

In 2014 the Museum was invited to participate in the
Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance Show with other pedal car collectors and the
response from the crowd was bigger than anyone could have imagined for the display.  The Museum was also able to purchase a small
enclosed trailer, through the success of our trailer rental division, to go to local car shows to promote the Museum with a small display
of the Museum exhibits.

In 2015 the Museum was invited to participate in the
Elegance at Hershey Show with a display and again the reaction by the crowd was
overwhelming, (we ran out of brochures).  Later in the same year we took home the Radnor Trophy for the category of Restored Pedal
car at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance.  Sadly, in that same year we decided to end our trailer rental division (started in
2010) to concentrate on family and the Museum, (your support is greatly appreciated).

2016 was a great year for the Museum!  We gained additional exposure from local newspaper articles about us, (the Lancaster Sunday
News and the
Lancaster Farmer), and online interest from Cruise News PA and NortheastWheelsEvents.  Our Open Houses had the
largest attendance since we have started them.  For the 3rd year in a row we had a great time participating in the
Radnor Hunt Concours
d'Elegance Show.  We started the huge task of re-labeling all the exhibits, (hope to have this done sometime in 2017).

In 2017 we updated the look of the Museum with some new paint on the doors, and added some additional pedal car "bling" to the
outside of the building.  For an amazing fourth year in a
row, we were invited to the participate in the Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance
Show, and to our surprise, we took home our second
Radnor Trophy for the category of Restored Pedal Car with our D4 Pedal Bulldozer and Semi

2018 was been a huge year for the Museum.  We were featured in
WFMZ 69 News One Tank Trip segment.  We started our collection refresh project which has
brought in new exhibits to the Museum along with some new shelving.  Probably the biggest event of the Museum's history was being invited to the 2018 New York
International Auto Show, along with help from John Rodrigues and the crew from Micelli Motors (thank you for all your help).  We feel this helped put the pedal car
hobby into the international spotlight and had a great time educating people on the history of the pedal car.
Richard Seiverling and Ethel Seiverling
Ephrata, PA
Richard giving one of the first tours of the Museum, notice only one level of shelving.
Richard showing pedal cars at a local car show.
Richard giving one of his last tours in 2006, he is greatly missed.
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Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance Show Display 2014
Elegance at Hershey Show 2015
2018 New York International Auto Show